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Photographers & Videographers

For more information on the partners below or for complimentary group assistance, please contact Rachel Funel at 504-566-5018 or rfunel@neworleanscvb.com.

Inslomo Booth

Inslomo Booth is a slow motion photo booth. Unlike your typical photo booth, our booth allows you to take slow motion video clips AND provides your guests with keepsake prints and video clips. It’s like photo booth 2.0! We can also provide you with a custom post video montage of all the video clips at your wedding/event. The Inslomo Booth experience is a perfect idea if you want your wedding/event to be unique, fun and memorable.

Dyle Films

  • Production team specializing in cinematic weddings
  • Talented team with a passion for film and the wedding industry
  • We create the perfect balance of telling your story in a fun and emotional way
  • Let us bring a unique vision to your wedding day!

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